Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Part 4: Post-ceremony Portraits

Following the ceremony were our portraits. We didn't have too many shots, just immediate family and a few with my cousins and family friends who I noticed nearby and knew my parents would really like a photo with. We had them in the courtyard with the sandstone making a nice backdrop.

With my mum and dad.

With my brother, Tim, and sister-in-law, Michele, added in.

Alec's dad, mum and uncle.

I requested that we have some shots taken after this on the headland next to the venue while people were having drinks. We'd sat up on the headland a few times when we'd visited previously, and I was really keen to have some shots with the view behind us. Sadly it was a pretty gray day so it wasn't as scenic as I had hoped, but the shots still look amazing.






Overlooking the venue - see the chairs set up on the lawn? This is where our ceremony was supposed to be held. It was deemed to wet to actually hold it there however.

Love the sign ...

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